November 17, 2011

Temptation Thursday 7

Sinful Desires, a work in's tidbit is not hot and steamy, but I still hope you like it.

The air was laden with a soft clean fragrance when she entered her room. It had been cleaned in her absence, the bed turned down and fresh towels adorned the rack in the bathroom. Kennedy enjoyed the fact that she hadn’t lifted a finger for any of those things to happen. Her good mood was short lived when she picked up an envelope that had been slipped under her door and immediately recognized the handwriting.
“Damn it!” she said out loud. The cat was out of the bag. She pulled her cell phone from her pocket and dialed. “Hello, Mother.”
“Kennedy, darling, you had me worried sick.” Debra’s voice was higher pitched than she remembered. “What in carnation are you doing in Las Vegas?”
“How did you find me?” Kennedy didn’t hide the annoyance in her voice. “Did John tell you where I was?”
“No,” her mother responded. “I haven’t spoken to your brother recently. You know how he is, going off on his little missions all the time.”
“Then how did you know where I was?” Kennedy asked.
Debra laughed, and it made Kennedy’s skin crawl. “I have my ways.” There was a pause and Kennedy heard her whisper something in the background. “When do you plan on coming back home?”
“I don’t.” It was useless to beat around the bush with her mother. She’d find out the truth anyway.
She heard the sound of ice cubes in a glass. “That’s absurd. You’re life is in Georgia.”
“No,” Kennedy began, “The life you’ve chosen for me in is Georgia. I’m searching for my own path.”
“What about your job? Your family?” Her mother whined.
Kennedy sighed. “I quit my job, and I’ve found a new one here.” She glanced at the clock beside the bed. “Look, you don’t have to understand. I’m just asking you to let me spread my wings a little.” There was a click followed by a buzzing in her ear. “Hello, mom, hello?” Kennedy hit end on her cell and threw it on the bed. “Damn it!” she yelled into the air.

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