December 29, 2011

Temptation Thursday 10

Another Clip From My Untitled YA Novel In Progress.......

I was thankful when the woman behind the counter handed my mug to me. I took a long swallow, glanced around one last time, and then slipped outside where I ran into a hard chest. My drink flew out of my hand and hit the sidewalk with a sickening splash.
“I’m sorry,” I stammered, stepping back. “I…” but my voice trailed off as I looked into the silvery blue eyes of a boy I’d never met before, and yet felt as if I’d known forever.
His hair, an almost white blond, was naturally curled. It was cut in a short fashion that made him look like the member of a boy band I’d seen photos of on Google. His complexion was pale, but it matched his hair and eyes, and made him the complete opposite of Blake.
His eye brow was pierced with a black hoop, and another one adorned his lip. He wore a H.I.M. t-shirt, black jeans, and combat boots. I should have been turned off by his appearance, but instead all I could think was how beautiful he looked.
“Are you okay?” he asked and grabbed my arm to steady me. “Do they have the AC cranked up in there? You’re cold as ice.”
I’d forgotten about the cold, about everything leading up to that moment. A wave of calm swept over me, the same way it had at dinner when Blake touched me. I stepped further back, a little freaked out.
“I’m really sorry,” I stated again. “I hope none of my drink splashed on you.”
“I’m fine,” he replied with a grin that would make any girl’s heart melt. “It’s you I’m worried about.”
 “I’m excellent,” I lied and turned to go.
I felt his fingers close around my upper arm. “Let me buy you another cappuccino,” he offered. “It’ll give us a few more minutes to talk.”
“Thanks, but I need to get back to the school,” I replied. “Lunch is almost over.”
I wasn’t sure who this boy was or what he wanted with me. If he was flirting, I wasn’t interested. I had enough problems to sort out with Austyn, and then there was the issue of Blake and our parent’s crazy idea of us being an item. I didn’t need another player added to the game.
“What’s your name?” he asked softly as I pulled my keys from my pocket.
“Elizabeth.” I watched as he repeated my name on his lips, almost as if he were trying to program it to memory. I smiled, but moved to my car and opened the door.
“I’m Jordan,” I heard him say as I climbed in. “I hope I’ll see you around again.”

December 15, 2011

Temptation Thursday 9

From My Untitled YA.......

“Apple Valley, I think you’ll find is a bit different than any place you’ve ever been before.” Devon didn’t laugh when she said it. In fact her voice was rather serious, and I wasn’t sure how to take it. “How do you like our little slice of America so far?” she asked as she opened a side door and began walking up the few stairs just outside it.
“It’s quiet.” That’s all I could come up with to say, and that did get a giggle out of her. I hadn’t been in town long enough to have much more of an opinion.
We walked across a patch of grass to a large oak and Devon tossed her bag on the ground at the base of the tree. She stretched and then sat crossed legged on the grass. The sun was shining and the tree provided a nice gentle breeze around us.
“Have a seat,” Devon said, and I sat down twisting my legs like a pretzel. “This is my favorite place at school.” She pulled a container of grapes from her pack, opened them, and offered me some. I shook my head and took out my own lunch. “I used to come here after school sometimes when I was a freshman and write. This tree, I swear it sparks my creativity.”
I took an apple from my own bag and bit into it. It made me think of Blake. “What do you write?” I asked Devon to take my mind off him.
“Poetry mostly,” she responded and put the container of grapes down. “Sometimes I dabble in fiction, but I haven’t found my niche with that yet.”
She took a wrap out of her bag and bit into it. The smell of the tuna fish made me realize just how hungry I really was. I dug into my own bag, pulling out my PB&J and savored the first bite.
I nodded, though I wasn’t entirely sure what she meant. “It’s really beautiful here,” I said taking in the view. “I can see why you chose this spot.” I heard footsteps coming up the hill just as Devon’s eyes looked up.
“Hey Blake,” she said, and I saw the spark of something behind her eyes as he approached us. “Have you met Elizabeth?”
He sat his bag on the ground beside me and nodded. “Yeah,” he said meeting my eyes. “How was your morning?”
“Okay,” I replied, suddenly all nerves as he moved his bag over and sat beside me. “Yours?”
“Slow.” He pulled a sandwich out of his bag and took a bite. “What about you, Devon?” he asked. “Have you managed to stay out of trouble?”
“Of course.” She beamed. “You have to remember, I don’t go looking for trouble. It just seems to fall at my feet sometimes.”
He laughed. “So, has Devon asked you to join her antisocial parade?”
Devon picked a grape out of her container and tossed it at him. “Of all people, you have no room to talk about me being antisocial.”
He caught the grape and popped it into his mouth. I sat in silence and continued to eat my sandwich. I could tell from the way they spoke to each other that the two of them had known each other a long time. I felt out of place listening to their banter. I finished my lunch, glanced at my watch, and then stood to gather my bag.
“Where are you going?” Blake rose to stand next to me. He put a hand on my shoulder. “You don’t have to run off.”
I noticed Devon watching us, and I didn’t need to make an enemy out of my new friend. It was obvious to me she had feelings for him that went deeper than friendship. I saw it in the way her eyes lit up when he came to join us, and how her smile widened just a little when he teased her.
“Lunch is over in five minutes,” I responded. “You might know your way around, but I’m still learning, and I’d rather not be late to my next class.”
“I can show you,” he said.
“Thanks, but I’ll find it on my own.” I turned to Devon. “Thanks for sharing your special place with me. I hope you’ll invite me back.” And because Blake still stood looking at me, I said, “I’ll see you in English.”

December 8, 2011

Temptation Thursday 8

A piece from my new untitled piece....thinking this will be a short, unless my characters take me in a different direction.

I smelled her perfume before I saw Eileen round the corner, she had to bathe in the stuff it was so strong. I wouldn’t have minded if the fragrance was enjoyable, but all I could think of was the little old women who came to play bridge at my grandmother’s house. It was a scent of roses, heavy and overbearing, and I wanted to vomit.
“Alicia, we’re meeting in five minutes in the board room,” Eileen said in passing which didn’t give me a chance to tell her I was bowing out as soon as Harrison returned.
I stood, rolled my eyes at Angelina, and grabbed the file. The board room as right around the corner from my station, so I took my time getting there and slid into a seat just as Eileen moved to close the door.

December 1, 2011

The Sweetest Gift

If you were given the chance to have one wish, do you know what you’d choose? Would you ask for world peace, or for hunger to never exist? Maybe you’d want to cure fatal diseases like cancer.

What if you were told that you’re choice would not come without consequence? That what you choose today could alter your tomorrow. Would that alter your decision?

And what would you do if the message was delivered by a fairy? Would you embrace the gift you were being offered? Would be believe your eyes?

As I look to the coming holidays, I think of the many gifts I’ve been blessed with in my life. I wonder what I would choose if I were visited by my Fairy Godmother. I like to believe she’s out there watching and protecting me, and the truth is, I really don’t know what I would ask for.

The last year has flown by in a whirlwind, and life is good. I’ve been blessed with many things. I have a job I actually enjoy, a hobby that keeps me busy and allows me to share my stories with the world.

I have a husband who tries to please me every day, three beautiful children who are healthy, and friends who get me. I’m healthy, happy, and well-loved. What more could a girl want?

While my children dream of a visit from St, Nicholas, I will celebrate Yule (the birth of the Sun). This year, I’m going to try my hand at making an actual Yule Log while I sip my mulled cider and sing the holiday classics I grew up with. And when I look up at the night sky and see the stars twinkling, I’m going to smile and thank the Goddess that my Fairy Godmother has a place within the heavens to keep watch over my family and me.

So from my home to yours…..


I’ll be giving a PDF copy of The Sweetest Gift to one lucky person who comments on this blog post. And be sure to check out to buy it tomorrow December 2, 2011. The story is also available in the Yule Be Mine Anthology Volume 1 (Print Book Only) also at Decadent!!!!!!