November 17, 2011

Temptation Thursday 7

Sinful Desires, a work in's tidbit is not hot and steamy, but I still hope you like it.

The air was laden with a soft clean fragrance when she entered her room. It had been cleaned in her absence, the bed turned down and fresh towels adorned the rack in the bathroom. Kennedy enjoyed the fact that she hadn’t lifted a finger for any of those things to happen. Her good mood was short lived when she picked up an envelope that had been slipped under her door and immediately recognized the handwriting.
“Damn it!” she said out loud. The cat was out of the bag. She pulled her cell phone from her pocket and dialed. “Hello, Mother.”
“Kennedy, darling, you had me worried sick.” Debra’s voice was higher pitched than she remembered. “What in carnation are you doing in Las Vegas?”
“How did you find me?” Kennedy didn’t hide the annoyance in her voice. “Did John tell you where I was?”
“No,” her mother responded. “I haven’t spoken to your brother recently. You know how he is, going off on his little missions all the time.”
“Then how did you know where I was?” Kennedy asked.
Debra laughed, and it made Kennedy’s skin crawl. “I have my ways.” There was a pause and Kennedy heard her whisper something in the background. “When do you plan on coming back home?”
“I don’t.” It was useless to beat around the bush with her mother. She’d find out the truth anyway.
She heard the sound of ice cubes in a glass. “That’s absurd. You’re life is in Georgia.”
“No,” Kennedy began, “The life you’ve chosen for me in is Georgia. I’m searching for my own path.”
“What about your job? Your family?” Her mother whined.
Kennedy sighed. “I quit my job, and I’ve found a new one here.” She glanced at the clock beside the bed. “Look, you don’t have to understand. I’m just asking you to let me spread my wings a little.” There was a click followed by a buzzing in her ear. “Hello, mom, hello?” Kennedy hit end on her cell and threw it on the bed. “Damn it!” she yelled into the air.

November 10, 2011

Temptation Thursday 6

I've always been curious to see if I could write a YA book. The stories are there on the tip of my tongue, but can I pull off the sexual tension without the sex and make the book work? Can I create a world that teens and adults alike will find believable and want to get swept up in? Those are all questions I've asked myself, and until now I've never spread my wings and tried this genre. I'm working on a story now that will hopefully become at least a 3 books series.

I'm naming the first one Wicked Intentions, and I'm going to share with you a little snippet of what I have written so far.....

Doom filled me when I stepped onto the sidewalk in front of Apple Valley High. I hadn’t approved of being uprooted right before the start of my senior year, and looking at the archaic structure before me, I was dreading the change even more.
My mother and I had only been in town a few days, though my father had come at the beginning of summer to start his new job, and I hadn’t seen the school before now. The smart thing would have been to show up a week early and take a tour so I wouldn’t be lost, but I wanted to spend every moment I could with my friends in Tucson before I had to leave. I didn’t like the idea of starting over, and knew in my heart that I’d never call Apple Valley home.
“You’ll adjust,” my mother had said when I left the house for school. “You’re likeable enough, and you’ll make new friends in no time.”
I didn’t want new friends. I wanted the people I’d grown up with, the ones who knew me inside and out and still loved me. I wanted Tyler, Kayce, and most of all, my boyfriend Austyn.
Someone had taken the time to hand-make a sign that hung above the main doors welcoming students back, but looking at the building as I inched closer to my demise, I didn’t feel very welcome. I didn’t belong there, that much I knew, and somehow it seemed the building knew it, too. If structures were alive, this one was definitely glaring at me.
I took out my cell phone and snapped a picture of the school. On the screen of my phone, the building looked even more menacing. I sent the photo off to Austyn with a sad face, and then pocketed my cell phone.
I stepped forward, the nauseous feeling in my stomach growing, ready to face my first day. In my opinion, things couldn’t get much worse in my life. Boy, was I clueless.

November 3, 2011

Temptation Thursday 5

Today I'm switching it up a bit...for the last four week's I've posted snippets from my current Untitled Paranormal WIP. Today I bring you a tease from my lesbian romance....Sinful Desires.

“That he is,” Roxanne replied. When Kennedy spoke she thought of cowboys, wide open spaces, and rodeos. “So, the accent. Are you from Texas?”

Kennedy shook her head. “Georgia actually.”

“Land of peaches. Love it.” Roxanne looked at her watch again. “Ugh, I have to run. Tell Artie that lunch was great as usual.” She tossed a few bills on the table to cover her check, and then slipped a large bill into the front pocket of Kennedy’s apron, keeping her hand there longer than necessary. “If you ever get over my way, stop by the club. Tell the bouncer that Roxy extended a personal invitation to you, and he’ll wave the cover charge.” The other woman cleared her throat and Roxanne stepped back. Roxanne loved to push her boundaries, but she knew when to back off, too.

“Really?” Kennedy locked gazes with her.

The simple look of innocence was all it took, and Roxanne was smitten despite her early inner conversation about it being too soon to move on. Her head was screaming for her to just walk away, let things along, but her wounded heart was crying to reach out. “Really,” she said and lifted her hand to stroke Kennedy’s cheek in a playful manner with her fingers. The young woman didn’t shy away from her touch, and Roxanne couldn’t help but grin. “No matter what you might have been told, we’re not all vultures around here.”

She only glanced back once as she exited the deli and saw Kennedy palm her cheek where her fingers had been only moments before. Their eyes met for the briefest moment, and Roxanne’s body became a tingling mass of excitement, the sensation of infatuation strong within her.

She closed her eyes and broke the connection between them. “See you later, Georgia,” she whispered to the wind as she shut the door behind her. She didn’t want to put herself out there again so soon, but she’d seen something in Kennedy’s eyes that stirred up her inner feelings. The way the young woman touched her own cheek made Roxanne believe she’d felt the connection, too. With her own heart on the mend, Roxanne knew she had to be careful. She didn’t want to rush into things and do something she’d regret later, like pursue the timid blonde as nothing more than a rebound.