October 20, 2011

Temptation Thursday 3

This week's teaser comes from the same story I've used the last two weeks, it still needs a title

His body trembled and she tried to catch her breath. She’d asked for a ride, and he’d supplied her with a fantastic one. When he relaxed, she opened her eyes, leaned down to kiss his lips. “My high school science teacher,” she whispered as she nuzzled his neck.

“What?” he asked.
“You wanted to who taught me to fuck like that.” She lay on his chest and brushed a strand of his long, black hair out of his face. “That’s the answer to your question.”
He looked at her with an expression somewhere between amusement and disapproval on his handsome face. “You slept with your science teacher?”
She closed her eyes, remembered the way it felt when Theodore Russell, the alleged teacher in question, approached her at Murphy’s Bar. She’d been twenty, living on a waitress salary, and he’d been just as good looking as she’d remembered from class. “He wasn’t my teacher when I slept with him.”
“Oh,” was all he said. Michael wrapped his arms around her and closed his eyes. He didn’t pressure her for any more information on the subject, and she didn’t offer him any. Closing her own eyes once more, Arianne drifted off to sleep determined that she’d left a lasting impression on Michael O’Malley, which she’d hoped went further than her fucking ability.


  1. Yeah, way hot!!! Total teaser!!


  2. Sounds fantastic ;) Makes me want to know what happens (both before and after)! LOL...

  3. wow i would love to read and blog on it any were you need it i get good review on goodreads
    check them out
    desiree reilly

  4. Such a tease!!!! This is HOT!!!!