October 12, 2011

Temptation Thursday 2

A Little Tease From My Current Untitled WIP 

She closed her eyes and prayed for a miracle that didn’t come. The cold came as a shock to her system, and the waves kept her trapped below the surface. She tried to swim up to get air, but her body weakened with each passing moment until she could no longer fight. Stranded in the murky waters she struggled for breath as the salt water filled her throat and lungs.

Darkness overcame her, and all she could think of as she sank into oblivion was the man on the cliff and how he looked like someone she could have loved, if only she’d been given the chance.


  1. Hi sweet Kelly thanx for the wonderful story lines ' You have great expressing power and art of beautifying the scene , congrats Keep it up

  2. Hey Kel- love your writing and I love your site!!

  3. Kel... I know an editor who'd like to see this if it comes in at 50K or above :)